Extra Curricular


During PE at Mkids, students learn about physical movement through physical activity, they learn to understand and appreciate their own physical strengths and weaknesses. PE offers students the opportunity to discover ways to solve problems with their bodies, address physical challenges, work as a group, use various types of equipment and express themselves with and without the support of music. Physical movement helps students grow physically and socially. Wherever possible, connections are made with the discovery themes. The students have PE and sports regularly within the timetable. The campus has specially designed basketball court and soccer field exclusively suited to the age group of 2.5 to 5.5.


Movement, music, poetry, drama and dramatic play each hold an important place in Kindergarten life. They enhance physical and verbal agility, expression, communication and community. The creative arts engage children across all domains—cognitive, language, social, emotional, and physical. Activities are deliberately open-ended (not prescriptive), foster divergent thinking. Keeping this philosophy in mind the day of children at Mkids is planned comprising of classes that are a mix of all domains of art. The children have art classes which are integrated with the Units and some are designed to strengthen the fine motor skills of the children. Musical activities and rhymes play a key role which fosters the appreciation for music at a very stage of life.


Our Performing arts curriculum is segregated between the Music and Dance  We believes that studying Music and Dance helps students become aware of various methods of communication, expression of creative ideas and develop a lifelong engagement with and an appreciation for the arts.


Music instills discipline, endurance, analytical skills and furthermore, students gain a sense of community. Students begin their informal musical education at age 2 in the Nursery Program where songs and music are integrated throughout the curriculum. From Pre-Kindergarten through to UKG the opportunities for music education continue to expand in variety, depth and degree of difficulty.


Dance is a form of creative expression. The dual nature of Dance as an art-form and as a style of physical movement is highlighted to create a comprehensive program that addresses the elements of flexibility, strength, coordination, performance and rhythm. All students from Pre Kindergarten through to UKG have dance as a part of their curriculum.