Parent Support

"My Sons Listening and responding has improved. His writing skills have improved". - Parent of Sai Ganesh Grade Lkg.

"I can see improvement in food eating habits. And improvement in speaking". - Parent of M Surya Grade Pre kg"

"Advaith has improved a lot. Lots of change in Academics as well as in language. I am so much satisfied with teaching methods and care given to him. Thanks and keep going…". - Parent of Advaith Grade Ukg A.   

"My daughter is very happy about everything in the school". - Parent of Kanishaa Grade Ukg A.

"After going to school my son has started reading words from newspapers and magazines". - Parent of Sashaank Grade Ukg A. 

"My son is more confident, and understanding the things in a  better way". - Parent of Arhaan Syeed Grade Ukg A.

"Speaking ability of my child and Observation skills have improved". - Parent of Nikhil pragat Grade Lkg C."My child is happy while returning from the school. Within these 3 weeks time that he spent here, I noted a remarkable change in him, which has to be appreciated without fail. I thank school for this". - Parent of V.K .Ilanchezhiyan Grade Lkg C.

"I can see good improvement in Academics". - Parent of Tewin Grade Lkg C.

"I am happy to see my child reading phonic sounds on our Holy Bilble". - Parent of Jonathan Grade Lkg C.                      

"My daughter has developed so gradually and beautifully, both academically and emotionally". - Parent of Sai Smriti Grade Lkg A.

"My daughter has improved a lot compared to before, her communication is very good. She has got an excellent class teacher. Really we are happy and thanks". - Parent of Dhanusiya Grade Lkg A.