Our facilities

M – Kids approach to early childhood education is practically driven which enables children to learn, navigate and explore. We are committed in using different materials in powerful ways to enhance learning and teaching. We also see technology as a natural tool in the learning process that supports and enhances the curriculum. Using Montessori materials is another medium to investigate, plan, control, create, publish, present, evaluate and reflect on learning to a variety of audiences face to face.

Our learning environment is designed to support the children’s developmental journey through our well collection of technical resources which includes:

  • Reading corners with access to digital media
  • Multimedia classrooms
  • WIFI enabled classrooms
  • Smart boards
  • Grolier taking pen to develop language skills very quickly
  • Digital resources to learn Phonics
  • Language and accent training software


Our M-Kids center shares an engaging environment which ensures that learning happens outside through various ways like:

Reading sessions: Students are frequently taken out to the garden or they sit in open air for guided reading sessions

Role Play Areas: Role play is an essential part of learning in the early years. Our role play areas cover the entire range of activities that children might wish to engage in.

Physical Play Areas: Indoor and outdoor playgrounds are equipped with the latest equipment for physical education, social development and gross motor skill development. Whether indoor or outdoor, our play areas have sufficient space for children to run around and stretch their physical selves.

Sensory Development Areas: The Early Years section has dedicated areas and play equipments to ensure development and exploration of all the five senses.

Skill Development Areas: Each classroom and the school as a whole is equipped with toys and games selected to enhance core cognitive functioning – puzzles, construction corners, number games, obstacle courses and craft work for example.

Arts Centre:  This area is specifically designed for the creative arts where children engage in music, drawing and painting (using different media), dancing, acting, storytelling and public speaking.