Our Support

M. Kids franchise enables you to build your own successful centre under our highly-respected brand. As a franchisee you will receive all of the training, support and guidance necessary to get your centre up and running quickly and painlessly, reducing the risks normally associated with start-ups as you will be following our own proven system and curriculum. We will work with you to plan and set up your centre , develop a tailored and customized curriculum, help you identify resources, train your staff and most importantly, we are committed to ensuring your centre succeeds, so we will always be on hand to help you build a strong foundation. We will assist and support you in setting up your centre in the following ways.

  1. Design & Layout Support
  • Planning and designing of the school building
  • Guidance on furniture & fixtures
  • Access to vendors
  • Planning color schemes for exteriors and interiors
  1. Marketing Support
  • Support in correspondence and communication
  • Help in organizing fairs
  • Designing of brochures, pamphlets and advertising content
  • Guidance in planning school events
  • Advertisement support
  1. IT Support
  • Website design & layout
  • Access to M Kids school software
  • Hardware support
  1. Curriculum & Training Support
  • Provide structured curriculum
  • Develop lesson plans and day to day class activities
  • Comprehensive teacher training program by experts
  • One to one mentoring & coaching for new teachers
  • Parents information sessions
  • Assistance in recruitment of teachers
  1. Vendors Support
  • Guidance on purchase of resources
  • Help in purchase of classroom materials
  • Inventory management support
  • Support in developing school library trough purchase of quality books
  1. Research & Development
  • Ongoing training & counseling throughout the year
  • Information on curriculum updates
  • Feedback on classroom teaching
  • Updating and modifying curriculum regularly.