Personal, Social & Emotional Development


The students are taught to become responsible when completing personal hygiene, dressing and toileting tasks. Children are helped when needed, but they are encouraged to gain greater independence. Children are taught to dress and undress themselves. They are taught to use the toilet when necessary and wash hands after visiting the washroom and before snack times.

Self Care focuses on

· Personal hygiene
· Concentration


The Kindergarten Classroom is a social environment where children can be seen playing and learning together. Children play with groups of friends at learning centers and activities. Play is an important part of our Kindergarten program, with children initiating and sustaining play with peers. Each day we introduce and practice concepts as outlined in the M. Kids Curriculum in a large group setting. Children are encouraged to participate during games and activities during circle times every day. Social skills that are beneficial include co-operation, sharing, listening, turn taking and following classroom rules.

Social skills development focuses on

  • Social relationship
  • Sharing and turn taking


Children interact with teachers and other children within the school community at M.Kids. They experience positive understanding, increasing their self-esteem which makes them feel good about what they can do.  Within the classroom environment, are encouraged to talk about their actions and understand how their actions can have positive and often negative effects on peers.

Emotional skills development focuses on

  • Self concept
  • Self Direction
  • Independence